About me

Besides my professions in personal training and psychotherapy, I am working as a consultant and instructor for health facilities and educational institutions, including:

Basic and academic education

2013 – 2018
Advanced Method-specific Psychotherapy training (Individual Psychology), Sigmund Freud Private University (Vienna)

2013 – 2016
Ph.D. "Psychotherapy Science", Sigmund Freud Private University (Vienna)

2011 – 2013
Bachelor "Science of Psychotherapy", Sigmund Freud Private University (Vienna)
Propadeutical Psychotherapy training, Sigmund Freud Private University (Vienna)

2008 – 2010
Master "Sport Science", University of Vienna and School of Human Movement and Exercise Science (University of Western Australia)

2004 – 2008
Bachelor "Sport Management", University of Vienna

Specific education

OPD-2 Operationalised Psychodynamic Diagnostics System, basic and advanced training at OPD (Vienna)

Vipassana-Meditation, Vipassana Austria (Lower Austria)
The body in relational Psychotherapy, 11th Viennese Symposium "Psychoanalysis and Body" (Vienna)

Since 2017
Self-awareness and development in “Bioenergetic Analysis” and “Analytical Bodypsychotherapy”

The body in Individual Psychology. From organ inferiority to Body Psychotherapy, 10th Viennese Symposium "Psychoanalysis and Body" (Vienna)

Feldenkrais – Bewusstheit durch Bewegung, 21th International Seminar for Bodyorientated Psychotherapie and Bodyarts (Styria)

Eating disorder in infancy and adolescence, Kinderhilfswerk (Vienna)
Trauma and Traumatherapy, Kinderhilfswerk (Vienna)
Psychosomatic medicine in infancy and adolescence, Kinderhilfswerk (Vienna)

Katathym Imaginative Psychotherapy, 43th Integrative Seminar for Psychotherapy (Styria)
Psychoanalysis and Sport, 9th Viennese Symposium “Psychoanalyse und Körper” (Vienna)

Suggestion, 8th Viennese Symposium "Psychoanalysis and Body" (Vienna)(Wien)
Hakomi, 17th International Seminar for Body Orientated Psychotherapy and Body Arts (Styria)

Within the Limits of Human Performance, FH Wiener Neustadt (Lower Austria)

Relaxation Training, die Personal Trainer (Vienna)
Eros and Mind, 40th Integrative Seminar for Psychotherapy (Styria)
Bioenergetic Analysis and Therapy, 15th Integrative Seminar for Pychotherapy (Styria)

Autogenic Training (Vienna)


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