Understanding the relationship between using the body and psyche

Personal Training

Training Success begins in the head. Promoting health, reducing weight, improving posture, or simply feeling better in your own body - achieving these goals is possible with my help as a personal trainer.

Especially in order to permanently anchor healthy movement in life, professional support is recommended.


Self-esteem problems, relationship conflicts, psychosomatic problems, fears, depression or eating disorders - psychological stress is always reflected in the body as well. Moreover, they are by no means "meaningless" but full of meaning.

Together we pursue these unconscious meanings and decipher the meaning contained therein.

Dear visitors! I am pleased that you have made the "step" to my website despite current exit restrictions.

Extraordinary times require flexibility and special care approaches. My practice is open to you taking current hygiene measures into account. I am happy to offer you my support through online coaching and online psychotherapy. Please contact me via email: office@daniel-geissler.at or phone: +43 (0) 677 629 402 75
What drives me is the curiosity for people and the joy of joint movement and development. Because physical movement and emotional mobility are the basis for health and liveliness.

Because physical movement and emotional mobility are the basis for health and liveliness.
State-certified fitness trainer and personal coach.
Individual psychologist, psychotherapist
Sport and psychotherapy scientist
Dr. Daniel Geissler

+43 (0) 677 629 402 75

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